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• The CR7 Drive carbohydrate-electrolyte drink helps to maintain performance during prolonged exercise.


• Its carbohydrate-electrolyte solution (with minerals sodium and magnesium) is proven to enhance water absorption during physical activity.


• Vitamin B12 helps to maintain energy-yielding metabolism, while magnesium helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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As part of the Prize Giving there will be 3 sets of Reusable Waterbottles and CR7Drive for winners of the Trophys this weekend - and everyone can try the benefits - just Text Tiger to 07711 115 112 or 07508 864 648 For your Sample and Discount off the CR7 or other 24 Products.

Dolores Sanders  ewellbeing.com and Jake Sanders Sportworkshop.com,  are delighted to support the John Merricks Trust and the Tiger Trophy. 

Herbalife24 Performance Nutrition, may be a long way from pasties and dark and stormy's that can be standard fayre for the amateur sailor, but so are the performance vessels that we see out on the water with our athlete and youth sailors in these days compared to the wooden Mirror's and mildew covered sails many of us learned to sail in - including John Merricks himself. 

"As you can see from the story from Jon Emmett on our site" Dorian said "many sailors are really embracing the need to power fuel their bodies and reach peak performance state as well as weight, and really start to get the edge". Herbalife 24 Nutrition is specifically designed for the 24 hr Athlete, whether a weekend warrior or professional, the nutrition ensures training working or playing your body feels great. Herbalife 24 Nutrition is the food of choice for many sportsmen and women and we were proud to host the specific Sports Nutrition Centre at London 2012 Olympics."

eWellbeing.com is donating 20% of all sales from Tiger Trophy participants, and family and friends to the John Merricks Trust, you can apply for an account HERE where you get a personal coach to not just advise on the products but also provide a wealth of performance tips and support.

SAILING NUTRITION AND SPORT TESTIMONIAL - Herbalife sport supplements for fitness nutrition

Yacht Racing - Laser and Radial International Team - Jon Emmett - Laser coach

"For me Liquid nutrition is crucial. After training I never feel like eating solids, and for convenience, Herbalife's formula one is unbeatable, the best sports nutrition I have tried. I travel extensively through competing and coaching sailing, and I know that I can rely on formula one to meet all my nutritional needs.

"Completing a full and active training programme is the key to attaining full fitness. As part of every session I take Herbalife formula one 45 minutes before training. This provides me with the energy I need, without the fullness of having a meal, and in terms of convenience it is ideal. As soon as possible after training I take another serving. This immediately refuels me, when I would not feel like eating, and it never leaves me feeling uncomfortable or bloated. This routine enables me to train several times a day, and has led to a large decrease in muscle soreness afterwards. The Herbalife sport nutrition program is extremely palatable, and I can see no reason why I will not be using it for the duration of my sailing career. I believe it is something which can benefit club sailors and international competitors alike, and I would quite happily recommend it to anyone.” 


Sailing Testimonial from Jon Emmett from the Laser and Radial International Team.

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